Who are you, and how are you perceived?

As far as your business is concerned, who are you? How do you want to be portrayed? What aspects of your products and services set you apart from the competition? Who are your customers, and how do they view you?

Your brand’s corporate identity must cover all these areas in a succinct, unique way. There’s no room for any degree of disjointedness when it comes to establishing your identity. At Eclat Media Solution, we’ll help you find your corporate identity and cultivate it in a way that makes it favourable to a wider audience.

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Corporate Identity Design Questions? We’re here to help you out!



Eclat Media Solution is fortunate to have some of the most talented professionals on our team. We’ve proven time after time that we know how to cultivate a corporate identity.


When it comes to establishing and tending to your corporate identity, you need to have access creative cultivators. Fortunately, a fresh approach is our hallmark.


You cannot task just anyone with formulating a cohesive corporate identity. At Eclat Media Solution, we take the time to know your business through and through.


To properly portray your identity to your core audience, you have to know which seeds to plant and when to plant them. Luckily, we’re experienced cultivators with the right tools.



Our Preparation

Helping you reap the most fruit

Long before a farmer can reap a successful harvest, he or she has to prepare for the good days, the bad weather days and every day in between. Think of the team at Eclat Media solution as your personal corporate identity cultivators who take the time to plant the right seeds to reap a great harvest.

To design a fruitful corporate identity, our team meets with the client to get a feel of what their identity needs to portray and to whom. We then dive into our tried-and-true preparation process, which includes an extensive creative brief, research and internal pitches where we look at the bigger picture and formulate the right identity cultivation process.

Our Approach

Knowing your company inside and out

To plant the seeds for a successful corporate identity, you have to know: who you are as a company, what sets you apart from the competition, how you internally view yourself and how you want to come across to your core audience.

If you know all the answers, great! We can take the information you give us and go from there. However, if you need a little guidance in any of these areas, we can be of assistance, for we excel at coming up with fresh ideas. We’ll highlight all pieces of your company that make it unique and come up with a way to depict your company in the most fruitful way possible.

What You Get

An identity with a crate of perks

Teaming up with Eclat Media Solution offers extreme value to your company. When you come to us for corporate identity design, it is a given that you will walk away with a distinctive identity packaged in a unique way that will make your audience take notice. But that’s not all you get.

In addition, you will also receive valuable, sound direction from a team of brand cultivators that knows what does and doesn’t work in today’s market. Since we’ll know the ins and outs of what makes your company tick, we will be able to equip you with the tools you need to position your company as a viable industry leader.