Emerging Media

The digital landscape is evolving so fast, it’s simply not enough to be learning ‘on the job’. Clients don’t need agencies playing catch-up. Understanding emerging media as it happens is vital to your competitive advantage.

Which is why at Eclat Media Solution we regularly give our entire studio the space to pursue R&D projects. Keeping ahead of innovation is one of our strongest assets. Our development team and partner network already produce applications for all devices, including mobile and tablet and are constantly working on the newest emerging technologies.

Our capacity for R&D is one of our biggest assets, one which is inevitably channeled into significant client benefit. We don’t wait to be asked, we just do. It’s what keeps us – and you – ahead of the game.

digital advertising



We have more than a decade of experience optimizing websites for search engine results pages and converting visitors to buyers. In fact, according to our many satisfied clients, we’re SEO experts.


Our search engine optimization process has proven to be successful time after time. We do a thorough marketing analysis of your industry and use our findings to direct the right people to your site.


As search engine optimization continues to evolve it can be a trying task to stay on top of it all. Luckily, we stay up to date with the latest trends to help you become and remain successful.


At Eclat Media Solution, we have access to advanced technology that helps us direct your desired audience to your website and increase your site’s visibility.