A logo is a vital component of your brand’s identity.

What do you think of when you hear the word “logo?” A swoosh? Golden arches? A coffee mermaid, perhaps? Regardless of what comes to mind, a logo is the product of careful planning that takes into account a company’s products, services and all around culture.

Simply put, a logo is an outward expression of all you represent. This being the case, it is unacceptable to employ a logo that is too similar to that of another business, doesn’t fit your company image or designed on the fly by someone who doesn’t have an eye for beautiful design. Whether you need a new logo or a just need to refine an existing one, trust the Eclat Media Solution team to cultivate a stunning logo using our professional logo design capabilities.

logo design

Logo Design Questions? We’re here to help you out!



The logo design team at Eclat Media Solution never just throws something together and call it day. Our expert logo designers take the time to produce something truly wonderful.


You’re never going to attract more business by using a tired, boring logo. Our professional logo design team is full of fresh ideas that are sure to bring in more people.


For logo design, it’s important to take all business aspects into account before heading to the drawing board. Give us a meeting room and some caffeine, and we’ll map out all the specifics.


After our expert logo design process, we’ll equip you with a logo that will add value to your brand, which is sure to help you to cultivate your business even further.



Our Preparation

A comprehensive approach

Contrary to what some people may believe, great logo design takes a lot of preparation. There’s more to the process than simply finding a piece of clip art or a stock graphic and slapping the company name in a cool font next to it.

That may be acceptable for some people, but we prefer a different approach. Our logo design preparation process includes an extensive creative brief, research and internal pitches where we look at the bigger picture and take into account all aspects of your company’s products, services. 

Our Approach

Concepts, Refinement, Revisions.

We cram all our designers into the conference room, coffee in hand, and discuss what your business means to your customers and the image you want to portray. After that, everyone heads to their stations and gets to work.

Each of our logo designers produce countless sketches, concepts, designs and revisions before we all meet again to internally present our work. We talk about everyone’s ideas, what works, what doesn’t, and then it’s back to the drawing board one last time until we have a polished.

What You Get

Quality every step of the way

When you come to Eclat Media Solution for logo design, you get so much more than just a striking logo you can be proud to show off to all your customers. You get a custom, quality-driven design process that takes into account all facets of your business.

By the time our skilled logo design team completes your logo, you will have a true work of graphic art complete with all the associated font and color specs, brand standards documentation and a complete file library. Suffice it to say, we ensure quality every step of the way.