The best tools and proprietary methods to improve your marketing budget’s return on investment.

Using our proprietary methods, along with the industry’s best tools and practices, we excel at ad tracking and translating the stats and data to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

You deserve the most efficient marketing plan and execution. We’ve been working with businesses, both small and large, for years and know how to give you the best return no matter what size your ad budget is.

ad tracking and roi

Ad Tracking & ROI Questions? We’re here to help you out!



We have the tools and know-how to acquire the data needed to analyze your campaign performance.


Decades of ad tracking experience have given us the ability to avoid problem areas before they arise.


Using our contacts to get the best information available, and analyze your campaign in detail.


We know that adjustment is key in ad tracking and are always on the lookout for your best interest.


Ad Tracking Tools

Keeping tabs on your ads

Advertising is an art that requires refinement, attention to detail and a whole lot of finesse. At Eclat Media Solution, we have access to various tracking tools that help us with ad tracking endeavors.

To track your advertising campaign’s performance, our skillful team uses cultivation tools like custom call tracking, custom urls, tracking cookies.

Data Analysis

Interpreting the findings

Our ad tracking tools enable us to see how your advertising campaign is faring, but it takes the expertise of a master cultivator to what to do with the data. That’s where we come in.

Based on the data our tracking tools give us about your advertising campaign, we’ll figure out the best way to fine-tune its elements to help it be fruitful.


Add, modify, delete

Our ad tracking tools and expert data analysis help us figure out what the next steps in your campaign should be.

If your advertising campaign is producing fruitful results, we’ll keep doing what we’re doing and amp it up a bit. But if it’s not doing as well as it should be, our team will add to, modify and delete from it until it’s on the right path.