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A creative digital agency founded on strategic thinking and client services excellence. A great idea is nothing without execution, and we have the people to make it happen. With more than a decade of experience delivering highly-effective digital communications with top notch execution,Eclat Media Solution has cultivated a team of the best and the brightest in digital talent. At Eclat Media Solution, our people work collaboratively with each other and our clients to deliver strategic work based on solid insight and a rigorous development process. Taking ideation to application and code to content, We are ready to partner with you at any point in your digital journey. From a website to integrated campaigns spanning social media, mobile and advertising, We give your ideas strength and purpose. We give your ideas life.

Technology Questions?

“Eclat Media Solution has been First Maharashtra Chemicals & Fertilizers go-to agency for marketing matters for several years now. Their team helped our brand find its own unique voice and helped us communicate tailored, cohesive messages to our desired audience through various projects. They even helped our company harness the power of Facebook with a couple of custom-built contests that supported local Farmers”
Mangesh Jagtap
Director of Marketing · Maharashtra Chemicals & Fertilizers

Beneath Eclat’s passion for ideas and creative thinking beats a solidly logical heart.

Through highly developed solution architecture, sharpen over years of experience, our process flow heavily influences the way we can get to the nub of your business problem. A well-oiled machine, our project lifecycle means we can assemble your site to today’s requirements while optimizing its ability to adapt in the future.


Who are you, and how are you perceived?

The digital world is in a constant state of evolution. Whether it is new mobile platforms or ecommerce integration, it is an on-going challenge to make sure technologies stand up to customer demand.We believe in creating innovative and responsive client and server side coding that will meet and exceed every expectation from


Eclat Media Solution is as much a technology laboratory as it is a creative digital agency.

Our culture of R&D and experimentation means we have an incredibly agile software development team, ready to swing into action on demand. From desktop to tablets and mobile, our team can plan and develop complex software applications, providing bespoke applications tailored to match your business needs.


Need an E-Commerce Site?

We’ve come a long way from the days when we talked about the need for an online ‘shop front’. Today’s retailers need to marry fast, efficient ecommerce with content and customer engagement. Eclat Media Solution scan provide customized CMS to match exactly the needs of your business to functional requirements.


Don’t worry, be Happy…Sorry, it was hard to resist.

The simple fact is that smart phone ownership is growing by 85% year on year. It’s getting hard to find a consumer without an iPhone, android, tablet or blackberry and as a result, apps are undeniably becoming one of brands’ most common real time interfaces with the consumer.


What is Hosting Management

Websites are organic, evolving entities. Just as your brand doesn’t stand still, nor should your site. The best websites are responsive and up-to-date. We can provide you with inherent flexibility and future proofing right from the start, but there’s no substitute for great brand stewardship.